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ITIN Home Loans Help You Generate Wealth Through Homeownership in the U.S.

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We are your trusted lender for Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Loans. Prysma has helped Non-US citizen families in:
● Connecticut● New York● Massachusetts● Florida● Texas● New Jersey● Pennsylvania
We specialize in ITIN (Tax ID) loans for homeowners with products and lending solutions designed for First Time Home Buyers, Refinances and more. No Social Security or Green Card required.
Our experienced loan professionals sit down with you to find the best rates and loan options for you and your family. We are your dedicated partners in home ownership.
Fill out the form or call today to learn how Tax ID loans may be the right solution for you. (855) 906-3416

Understanding ITIN Mortgage Loans

What is an ITIN (Tax ID) Loan?

Tax ID loans are mortgage loans that only require an individual tax identification number (ITIN), and do not require applicants to have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Green Card.

What Do I Need To Qualify?

● ITIN program only requires valid copy of passport and copy of ITIN card

● Minimum of 15% down payment

● 15% down qualified borrowers based on scores and income ratios. Down payment varies from 20% to 30%

● Borrowers needs 3 alternative tradelines (credit accounts, car loans, personal loans, etc.) to be considered, and need at least 25% down payment

● 24 months bank statements may be used for self-employed borrower to qualify (PERSONAL BANK STATEMENTS ONLY OR DBA)

● For W2 borrower we only use W2 and pay stubs to qualify

● Max Debt To Income ratio is 43% but can go up to 50% with compensating factors


What Are The Benefits Of a ITIN (Tax ID) Mortgage?

Homeownership can be difficult to accomplish for non-U.S. citizens who live and work in the United States. Many within the immigrant population do not have a social security number and have a limited credit history. This often disqualifies them for obtaining a conventional mortgage loan.
At Prysma, we work with these individuals, offering an affordable ITIN mortgage lending program that allows potential homeowners with a ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) instead of a Social Security Number to purchase their dream home.
NAHREP (pdf): https://nahrep.org/downloads/2022-state-of-hispanic-homeownership-report.pdf
US Department of Housing and Urban Development (pdf): https://www.hud.gov/sites/dfiles/OCHCO/documents/19-02hsgml.pdf

Getting a Home Loan with ITIN Number

Prysma is here to help you through the home buying process whether this is your first house or you are relocating to a new area. Here is the simple 5-Step process to owning your own home.


Obtain Your ITIN Number

BAn ITIN is a nine-digit number used as a tracking number by the U.S. Internal Service Revenue (IRS) that is used to obtain a loan when one does not have a social security number or green card.


Make Sure You Qualify

You have your home chosen and a sales price is determined you revisit with Prysma’s Mortgage Loan Originator to apply and secure the perfect loan for your new home. Your dedicated loan specialist will personally guide you through each step of the loan process.


Secure a Tax ID Mortgage

Applying for the ITIN Loan itself is simple with a trusted partner like Prysma Lending Group. While you reach out, make sure you gather documentation that can prove the following to your lending partner:
● Proof of a sustainable amount of income● Credit history● Income verification
It is important for many lending groups in the area that you are able to show them financial credibility to make sure you will be reliable and trusted to pay your loan payments.


Enter the Pre-Approval Process

The lender will begin by briefing you on the details of the loan and reviewing your credit history to make sure you understand the terms.
Your credit history is assessed by looking at your actual credit that can be gained by the use of an ITIN and making successful transactions, or looking at rental records/utility bills.


Find Your Dream Home

Once you are approved, now it's time to find your family's dream home! Reach out to your lending partner for help, and get in touch with local agents who can show you houses within your price range.


Why Choose Prysma As Your ITIN Lending Provider


Focused on Hispanic Homeownership

We know that not everyone gets treated equally in the home-buying process. We’re here to correct that for members of our community.


20+ Years of Experience with ITIN Loans

We’re passionate about what we do, so it’s easy for us to keep growing and delivering personalized home loans to Hispanic families.


We’re Honest & Transparent

We want to make your home-buying experience as clear and accessible as possible. We will always be upfront with you about your options.


We Partner with You to Find Solutions

The home-buying process can be challenging. We’ll help you navigate your options and find the home loan that’s perfect for you.

Ready To ExploreYour ITIN Mortgage Options?