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Your Trusted Freeport, NY Mortgage Lender

At this time Prysma is only licensed to provide mortgages in the NY, CT, MA & FL.

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Prysma Lending Group has been helping individuals and families in the Freeport area to understand the various options they have available when it comes to purchasing and owning their very own home. We are your trusted lender in Freeport for both conventional and unconventional loans and our dedicated team is on hand to answer any questions and offer insight needed for clients to make informed decisions. From loan options and rates to circumstantial factors that contribute to a mortgage, our team has got you covered.

To learn more about our high-quality services and our professional team, fill out the form located here or give us a call to speak with staff today at: (855) 513-8374

Your Different Freeport, NY Mortgage Loan Options

Tax ID Loans

Conventional Loans

Non Conventional Loans

Adjustable Rate Loans

FHA Loans

Fixed Rate Loans

Reverse Mortgages

Home Refinancing

The 4 Steps To Homeownership In Freeport, NY

Here at Prysma we strive to provide our valued clients with all the guidance and support they need. Our specialists are on hand from start to finish of the buying process whether you are purchasing your first home, or purchasing a relocation home in Freeport. We highly recommend taking advantage of our simple but effective 4-Step process:



To begin the homeownership process, you must first be pre-qualified. One of our licensed Mortgage Loan Originators will work closely with you through the whole pre-qualification process. They will determine the best price range for you. Our loan specialists want to ensure that you choose the best loan option that is specific to your personal needs.


Find Your Home & Make An Offer

Once the pre-qualification phase has been completed, it’s time to begin shopping around for your new Freeport home. When shopping be sure to give focus to important components like price, location and even safety ratings in a neighborhood. Once your property of choice has been determined, you can then make an offer to the seller and engage in negotiations until such time you have agreed upon the right sale price.


Loan Application

The next step is that of the loan application process. You will work with one of our Mortgage Loan Originators who will guide you through every step of the loan process. A loan officer will help you to file your loan application and ensure that you secure the appropriate loan needed for the purchase of your new home.


Closing & Moving In

Upon approval of your mortgage loan you can then pick a closing date and begin preparing for your closing with the last step being the actual move into your new Freeport home.


Understanding Freeport Home Mortgage Loans

Conventional Mortgage Loans in Freeport

Here at Prysma, we provide all the mortgage funding for conventional loans since they are not backed or insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or the Veterans Administration (VA) and, therefore, lack government funding. We offer clients a number of conventional loan options including:

● Fixed-Rate Loan: If you have a steady monthly income and are looking to make a monthly mortgage payment, then the ideal option for you may be a fixed-rate loan. With this type of loan, you will receive a simple fixed rate and be required to make a down payment upfront and monthly payments thereafter. With a fixed-rate loan, your monthly payment remains the same throughout the life of the loan.

● Adjustable-Rate (ARM) Loan: If you are planning to buy a home in Freeport but only hold on to it for a short span of time, then our adjustable-rate (ARM) loan option may fit your needs. ARM mortgages offer buyers a lower rate during the initial period and then fluctuating rates that will differ from month to month and are dependent upon market conditions and index rates. However, there is a maximum rate increase that results from a negotiated cap that is put in place with this type of loan.

Non-Conventional Mortgage Loans in Freeport

● Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan: FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans which are backed by the Federal Housing Administration government organization and insured by the lender are yet another mortgage loan option Prysma offers. We can offer you a better deal including a lower down payment, lower closing costs, and sometimes even lower interest rates. To qualify for this type of a loan, borrowers must have a valid Social Security number, lawful residency in the U.S. and a steady employment history within the two years prior to applying for the loan.

● Tax ID Loan: For home buyers who do not have a Social Security number, a Green Card or a credit score, a Tax ID loan would be the best choice for you. We offer Tax ID loans to borrowers who have a steady employment income and possess a passport and an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

● Veterans Administration (VA) Loan: For those individuals who are military, we offer Veterans Administration (VA) loans that typically require no down payment and additionally offer much lower interest rates than conventional loans. Proof of military service is required as well as confirmation of no dishonorable discharge and disclosure of previous financials.


Mortgage Refinancing in Freeport

Mortgage Refinancing Options: Prysma also offers mortgage refinancing. Whether you are looking to decrease interest rates, reduce monthly payments, adjust early mortgage payoff options or want to be able to pay less through the term of the loan, we have got you covered. We are steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual financial and lifestyle needs of all our valued clients.

Reverse Mortgage Options in Freeport

Reverse Mortgage Options: A reverse mortgage is an ideal option for those individuals over the age of 62 looking to exchange equity for cash in order to live month to month. With a reverse mortgage a homeowner no longer pays the monthly mortgage payment but rather exchanges their equity in the home and the lender pays the monthly payments instead. Homeowners make no payments to the lender until such time the home is either vacated or sold.

Our Connecticut Home Loan Office Locations

Here at Prysma Lending Group our team of dedicated Mortgage Loan Originators strive to deliver only the highest quality services to all our Freeport clients. We are steadfast in our efforts to meet the individual needs of our clients whether by way of conventional or unconventional loans. To get started with your loan process, contact one of our loan officers at either one of our Connecticut locations. You can also complete the loan process over the phone or online if you prefer.
For an in-person meeting with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers visit us at one of our two Connecticut locations:

    18 Padanaram Rd, Danbury, CT
    4750 Main St, Bridgeport, CT

Why choose Prysma As Your Home Lender In Freeport, NY


Focused on Hispanic Homeownership

We know that not everyone gets treated equally in the home-buying process. We’re here to correct that for members of our community.


20+ Years of Experience

We’re passionate about what we do, so it’s easy for us to keep growing and delivering home loans to Hispanic families throughout Freeport, NY


We’re Honest And Transparent

We want to make your home-buying experience as clear and accessible as possible. We will always be upfront with you about your options.


We Find Solutions

The home-buying process can be challenging. We’ll help you navigate your options and find the home loan that’s perfect for you.

Ready To ExploreYour Freeport Loan Options?