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Tax ID Loans Florida: Achieve Homeownership & Financial Stability

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Build Wealth & Own Your Home in the Sunshine State
Prysma's spent more than 20 years working with non-US citizens to secure their dream home and forge lasting financial legacies for their families.
We're the experts in homeowner loans, offering tailored lending solutions for first-time home buyers, refinancing options, and more, all without the need for a Social Security Number or Green Card.
Discover How to Get a Loan with Tax ID Number in Florida:
We work hard to provide personalized, precise, and comprehensive guidance throughout the home loan process. As a Latino-founded business, we are passionate about addressing the unequal access to mortgages, and you can count on our experienced experts to find you the best rates and mortgage options.
Simply complete the form or call (855) 906-3416 to learn how our tax id mortgage loans FL services can be your pathway to buying your own house and so much more.

Why Opt for Prysma for Loans with Tax ID Number in FL?

The Proven Authority on Tax ID Loans:

For more than two decades, we've focused on customized solutions for first-time homebuyers and those looking to refinance, all without requiring a Social Security Number or Green Card. We work with Tax ID Numbers, also known as ITINs. For general information on Tax ID Numbers, please refer to this FAQ on USA.gov.

Trustworthy Specialists, Working for You:

Our team of experienced professionals will strive to get the best rates, loans, and financial products for you and your family. As your partners in homeownership, we collaborate with you to identify the solution for your unique situation. Moreover, our services and resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Custom Loans Designed For Your Goals:

Our loans with tax ID number FL options, perfect for non-U.S. citizens with limited credit history, enable you to establish and grow wealth through homeownership.

How Prysma Makes Home Buying in Florida Easy

Prysma is here to help you through the home-buying process whether this is your first house or you are relocating to a new area. Here's how it works:


Apply For & Get Your Tax ID Number

Essential for securing loans in Florida. If you don't already have one then find out more at IRS.GOV.


Present Essential Financial Documents 

To get a loan, you need to show us your financial stability. We will ask you for documents that verify your income, credit, and assets. In Florida can you get a loan with a tax id number you can afford and repay without any hassle? We want to be sure which is why we review your documents carefully and guide you through the process.


Get Your Loan Pre-Approved

We'll begin by reviewing your credit history and financial situation. Your credit history is evaluated based on past credit obtained through an ITIN and/or by examining records of rent and utility bill payments.
Then we'll determine the maximum loan amount you qualify for, estimate your payments, and make sure you understand all the terms and details of the loan.


Start Looking for Your Dream Home

Once you are approved, you can proceed to finding your ideal home for your family! Get in touch with local agents who can help you find houses that meet your budget.


What Sets Prysma Apart:


Championing Latino Homeownership

We understand the unequal treatment faced by many in the home-buying process. Our mission is to equalize opportunities for our community.


Over 20 Years of Specialization in Tax ID Loans

With more than two decades dedicated to Tax ID Loans, we offer unparalleled expertise to families on their home-buying journey.


Honesty & Clarity

We aim to make your home-buying journey as transparent and straightforward as possible, always being clear about your options.


We Collaborate at Every Step

Navigating the home loan process can be daunting. We're here to guide you through your options and secure the perfect home loan for you.

The Experts on How to Get a Loan with Tax ID Number in Florida!